Monday, 24 August 2009

Shop closure: Sportshoe

Mastershoe has been a permanent fixture on Park Street for years but now it's sister shop, Sportshoe, on Union Street is closing down.

The south west shoe emporium run by Giles UK Ltd has stores in Bath, Bristol and Trowbridge but can no longer keep one of the longest runing stores open as 'rent and buisness rates are at a level at which we can no longer trade here profitably'.

Sportshoe is currently running a fairly decent closing down sale and will open it's doors for the last time on 31st August. The staff are a friendly bunch and know what they're talking about so if you're after running shoes or streetwear trainers then pay the place a visit before it closes in a weeks' time.

Other Mastershoe and Myshu stores in the area will continue trading as normal.

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