Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Blog of The Week: La Petite Fashionista

Seeing as I'll be stateside for a couple of months I figured I should search for the best fashion blogs in the US, and of course Florida. This week's BoW is La Petite Fashionista, a 20 year old college student based in Florida who is 'obsessed' with fashion.

The writing on this blog is young and fresh - Lauren obviously adores fashion and this passion comes across in her writing. From what I gather she is studying fashion merchandising and often blogs about her coursework, work experience and college life, such as this post below.

The blog is very well presented with lots of info and fun bits such as Lauren's own personal collection of inspirational images not to mention comments and opinions on fashion editorials and new designers. Images and collections are often arranged and designed to look like the pages of a fashion magazine or a mood board, which is shows off Lauren's creative streak and takes me back to my own fashion student routes of sketchbooks and presentation.

This blog is a fun stroll down memory lane for me and it is great to see a student blogging about fashion while still at school - a quality that will no doubt give her the edge over her peers when it comes to getting a job in the fashion world!


  1. just stumbled upon the nice words about my blog! thank you! i'm glad you enjoy reading it :) where are you staying in FL? hope you're enjoying being stateside!

  2. Ah, you're welcome! I'm staying Naples, South West FL and trying to get to as many thrift stores as possible while I'm here. Any tips for fashionable places to shop in Southern Florida?