Friday, 12 February 2010

Being out of the country and away from the life support that is The Internet, I've only just found out that the legendary British fashion designer Alexander McQueen died yesterday. The press do not yet know, or perhaps have just not yet told the awaiting public how McQueen died, only that he was found in his home by his housekeeper early yesterday morning.

I suppose I'm in a state of shock really, although it sounds so overly dramatic and self-involved to write such a thing. Its like remembering where you were when Michael Jackson died and I don't think it is audacious to say that McQueen gave as much to the fashion world as Jackson did to the music world.

The picture above is from a shoot for Dazed & Confused in 1998, entitled Access-able, that featured McQueen's designs on models with physical disabilities. Shot by Nick Knight, this was the first time I had heard of McQueen (or Knight for that matter) and fell in love with the spread. I think it is a testament to his desire to go against the grain and stick two fingers up at the fashion world. Love it.
Image courtesy of The Independent.


  1. i second that. he shaped british fashion in the 90's. whats worse is that the brand Mcqueen is not set to continue without him (how could it tho really)
    double worse: i will now NEVER be able to afford Mcqueen!

  2. So true - I don't think anyone could take over successfully without simply trying to emulate his (unique) style.