Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Blog of The Week: Mademoiselle Robot

This week's Blog of The Week has been pressing my fashionable buttons since I discovered it a couple of days ago. The name Mademoiselle Robot has been rattling around in my subconscious for some time now, which is no surprise since the blog and its creator, Laetitia Wajnapel, have featured in The Telegraph, Company, Drapers and Asos to name but a few since the blog's inception.

But I finally got round to checking it out on Monday afternoon (when I should have been working, tsk!) and I think it has struck the perfect balance between blog and website, with different categories for everything from outfit posts, beauty tutorials, interviews and interiors.

Not content with just a fashion blog, Laetitia also runs a styling consultancy and runs a blog dedicated to cute animals, specifically puppies, kittens and bunnies (seriously). Hailing from Paris but now living and working in London, Laetitia writes witty, friendly prose that makes me think she would make not only an excellent shopping partner in crime but also a great laugh over a bottle of wine (an essential quality in my book).

Not only are there the usual outfit post but also 'Innerspace' where Laetitia has snooped round some super stylised homes, which goes to show that fashion is not only about the clothes you wear on your back. There are also interesting posts about her daily routine and the loves and likes of the blogsphere, entitled Secret Diary of a Blog Girl which you can read here. Video tutorials can show you how to trim your fringe (something I'm crap at) and master the art of classic French make-up and Laetitia's honesty and self depreciating nature only make her more appealing! If you've ever fantasised about Parisian chic then this should be your go-to blog for all things cliche and girly with a quirky edge.


  1. I just saw your comment, thank you x

  2. You're welcome - keep up the good work! x