Sunday, 6 February 2011

Reading List: Techy Tips

For a while now I've been contemplating a move from Blogger to Wordpress and, as always, I've found making a pro/con list to be the most effective way to make the decision. Although this would be quite a big step for the blog, it got me thinking about all the little technical tips and tricks that bloggers (fashion or otherwise) use to get the best from their blogs.

So here are some of the blogs I've been reading this week, full of tips to get the best out your blog...

SVB - What have you done with my landscape, flooding the fields with this clone shape - For a style blog perhaps one of the most important factors is great photos. This post shows readers hour to get a hazy, vintage tinge to their pictures.

Pro Blogger - How Your About Page Can Make or Break Your Blog - a tad intimidating as a headline but as a post it actually makes a lot of sense - great for seasoned bloggers and novices alike.

Independent Fashion Bloggers - How Will Fashion Blogs Evolve in 2001? - A fantastic resource for any fashion blogger, IFB's post on the changes we can inspect in fashion blogging over the next 12 months is comprehensive and insightful.

Dressful - 20 Sarcastic Tips to Become a Successful Fashion Blogger - an excellent tounge in cheek look at how to be a 'successful' fashion blogger from a site packed full of useful info on the fashion blogging scene.

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  1. UPDATE: Just found an excellent post on Pretty Shiny Sparkly that has some great tips on Photoshop and lots of widget ideas...