Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Blog of The Week: The Freelancer's Fashion Blog

This week I've gone not for a British blog nor an American blog as my BoW. Stumbling around in the darkness of Google, I came across The Freelancer's Fashion Blog, based in Helsinki, Finland.

The blog is run by a tattooed blond bombshell who loves vintage, beehive hair-do's and burlesque; blogging about her outfits, performances as part of her burlesque group and tips and tricks for everything from 30's inspired hair to applying fake eyelashes.

Playful photography and confessions of an addiction to 'fashion porn' (online shopping) are just some of the highlights and this blogger's cats and her love of all things vintage can be seen in the photos of her taken against mirrors and other reflective surfaces; evoking a voyeuristic, 'times gone by' feel.

50's pin-ups are obviously a huge influence and as a result the blog is full of girly, lust-have images of vintage clothing, accessories, and cute Finnish shops. FFB is well traveled and should I ever find myself in Sweden or Finland I'll be sorted for vintage boutiques! And if if she was in Naples, Florida right now then I'm sure sure would love the vintage collection at Audrey's Attic.

I admire someone so influenced by vintage that it has become part of their essence of style, and not just in a printed scarf or red lipstick, although these feature highly in FFB's look. Her posts on inspiration are, well, inspirational and I think I might try out my on vintage bombshell look tomorrow...

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