Friday, 27 November 2009

Blog of The Week: Polka Dot Bride

Ok, so this week it is a bit of a selfish BoW on my part but bare with me as it packed full of style. Polka Dot Bride is a blog devoted to, you guessed it, brides, weddings and all things 'Special Day' related. Since I'm now in line to get hitched and there is an ocean between me and my intended, the thought of weddings has been on my mind of late. Polka Dot Bride was bought to my attention via Facebook, from Liz, an old waitressing pal who now makes 50's style wedding dresses.

While I still feel rather overwhelmed at the prospect of themes, dresses and colour schemes, I have been inspired by the stunning 'real life' posts of beautiful photography from this blog, based in Australia. And when I say 'real life' I don't mean in a tacky, Chat, Now, Take A Break fashion...

Wicked Brisbane based wedding post, above

Most of the weddings featured are from the US or OZ and I wish I could import half the photographers over as the visual memories they make for each wedding are stunning! Quirky couples pose across New York with matching green RayBan's, couple pose in front of iconic landmarks and even in from of art galleries, museums and graffiti. The photography is fantastic and the site itself is very simple to navigate, with new posts appearing every day.

The blog is well respected in its home country and comes with helpful lists of photographers, dress makers and everything else one could possibly need for a wedding. Sadly most of these contacts are for Australasia but there are a few tips for UK and US brides too. Creative colour posts give many ideas for a particular colour, be it black, olive or grey, and interviews with wedding specialists (think filmmakers, boutique owners and wedding planners).

Definitely one to check out if you're getting hitched, but also for those of you who are aspiring photographers or interested in bridal wear in any way.

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