Friday, 18 December 2009

Alice by Alice Temperley S/S 2010

Hello Bristol! I'm back on (freezing cold) English soil after having spent the best part of the last 48 hours in transit. While I like the 'rollercoaster' aspect of airplanes (that would be taking off and landing), I'm not a massive fan of everything else in between; the food, the screaming children, the sardine-style seats...

So to take my mind off my seven hour flight (which turned into nearly ten thanks to the snow) I curled up with some fashion magazines and was delighted to find a new collection by Alice Temperley in the January issue of Marie Claire (US).

Simply entitled 'Alice' the collection is full of nautical stripes and military influences with a very British rock and roll edge. According to the designer, speaking to Marie Claire, the girl who would buy this collection 'listens to The Killers, Gorillaz and The Cure - she likes to mix things up'. Apparently Temperley cites the likes of it-girls Georgia Jagger and Alice Dellal as her inspiration but I think the London feel will be something accessible to the masses, evoking a kind of year-long festival style. Love it.

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