Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Life begins at 40...

... or so it would seem for Glastonbury. This year was the festival's 40th birthday bash and I had the delight not only of attending but also working for Worthy FM, the official Glastonbury Festival radio station.

I loved every minute and although I didn't have much time to blog while I was there, I did note a few festival fashion do's and don'ts...

Do... bring footwear for every occasion. This year we experienced something of a heatwave. Add to this that not a drop of rain fell for the WHOLE festival and you begin to question why there were folks traipsing around in their wellies.

Don't... walk around with bare feet. That is just taking it too far...

Do... sport your floral garlands with pride - these head pieces are cute, feminine and are guaranteed to bring out your inner hippy. Avoid floaty florals though, and instead toughen up with denim and monochrome.

Don't... think that by shaving a small chunk of your hair of a la Alice Dellal you will transform into a supermodel and socialite too. The amount of girls I saw with this undercut look was depressing and surely will only lead to your gran suffering from a mild heart attack the next time she sees you.

Do... bring a bikini. Be it swimming in the mud or bathing in the sun, this practical piece of kit will come in handy on countless occasions.

Don't... forget the sun lotion. Burnt flesh is never a good look and will haunt you forever in your post-festival photographs.

Do... have fun with your look. Festivals are about fun, adventure, friends and the occasional spot of music. Who cares what you look like in your charity shop sailors hat or clashing patterns? So long as you're having fun and you're comfortable that is all that matters.

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