Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Style Crush: Katy Perry

I have a guilty secret. I have a girl crush. I've tried to fight it and be strong but the cupcake bra was the final straw - I have a style crush on Katy Perry.

It hasn't always been this way though, honest! I distinctly remember despising 'I Kissed a Girl' so much that I wanted throw my radio out the window whenever I heard it. I warmed up a little when I saw the video for 'Waking Up in Vegas' and by the time there was that appearance at the Met Costume Institute Gala, in a dress so wacky it required a battery pack, I was smitten.

Skintight American flag dresses, 50s pin-up, heck, the girl even makes geek chic look good, though I don't think hubby to be Russell Brand would agree, below.

Katy shows off her geeky side on Twitter

What I like about Perry is the way she has fun with what she wears. Sure there is a whole load of concept behind the costumes and props in her videos but, unlike a certain Lady Gaga, you know that Perry will switch this off when she nips out to buy a pint of milk.

Tongue in cheek with the ability to poke fun at herself and fashion, Perry is a fresh alternative to serious pop and takes 'sugary pop' to a new level in her new video for 'California Gurls'. The cupcake bra was the icing on the cake and while I don't think I'll be busting out in a superhero outfits any time soon, Ms Perry has won my heart in the style stakes.

California Gurl images courtesy of Starcasm.net

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