Monday, 18 October 2010

Bristol Street Chic with

Bristol listen up. Your fair, fashionable city has been shortlisted as one of the style capitals of the UK on Obviously you and I know that Bristol is a fashion-forward city that could rival London or Manchester, and now we have a chance to prove it.

Last Thursday the folks behind high-street fashion website OSOYOU came to Cabot Circus to find and photograph the best of Bristol. Unfortunately, as they picked a weekday, I think they missed out on capturing many of Bristol's stylish residents but they did find some cracking shop workers and students, see below.

I particularly like Amie's look, above, with that gorgeous blush pink skirt and blouse combo - it's like the lovechild outfit of a prim and proper librarian and a rockabilly Gucci model. If you missed out on the event itself the fear not as you can still vote for your favourite Bristol gal to win, earning her some new threads and Bristol its rightful title of most stylish city.

You can go straight to the voting page for Bristol here. My money is on Amie but what does everyone else think?

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