Monday, 25 October 2010

If you go down to Leigh Woods today... would have been in for a big surprise. My friend C is currently taking a photography course and she decided that Leigh Woods would be the prefect destination for a quirky shoot.

That's why on Sunday afternoon I was hauling a bag of jewellery, masks and other such props through the woods along with C and several of her friends, dressed in capes, Sgt. Pepper style jackets and boating hats. We certainly raised a few eyebrows amongst the families, walkers and cyclists enjoying a quiet Sunday stroll.

I can't give away too much about the shoot as C was working with film and hasn't yet developed her photos but above is a Polaroid I took of the quirky characters enjoying a mad hatter style tea party.

It was a fab afternoon and fingers crossed there will be plenty more projects like this coming up in the future...

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