Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Above: new year, new loot! Some gems from Christmas and January sales

Today started with such good intentions. After a whirlwind of Christmas and New Year celebrations (which always passes by so quickly doesn't it?) I decided I should sort my life out and freshen up for the new year. Cue manic tidying, multiple loads of washing and lots of ideas for revamping this blog and my other web projects.

All good in theory, but when I haven't been on 'blog watch' for a couple of weeks, I find a whole gallon of exciting posts I've missed, from some of my fave blogs, below. Now four hours later I have just about caught up but left very little in the way of time for my own posts!

It's been a very busy festive Ship-Shape season, what with Christmas stockings, January sales and the obligatory annual health kick (complete with new gym kit) so while I flex my fingers and start typing, why don't you check out some of the gems you might have missed over the festive season on my reading list...

Rock & Roll Bride - 2010 The Year That Was... Part One & Part Two - an extensive rock and roll round up of some of the best weddings/engagements/photo shoots of 2010 from one of my fave bridal blogs.
Bargainista Fashionista - Make it your own Christmas! - nowt to do with bargains but actually a gorgeous (and cheap) idea for an alternative wreath. This is so sweet I think you could have it up all year round...
IFB - Setting Blog Resolutions For The New Year - this time of year it can be tough to keep up the blogging momentum so this is a great read to reignite your passion for your blog and perhaps inspire you to create your own.
The Bristol Beauty Blog - The Beauty Diet Reboot for 2011 - An alternative diet for the year ahead - using up/getting rid of all those smellies and make-up bits and bobs that you never use!
Fashionising - Zoolander 2 on the way: rumormonger - by far and way my favourite rumour of the new year. Fact.

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