Thursday, 20 January 2011

Something for The Weekend... Elsie Riley, La Freak Boutique & Gok Wan

There are so many exciting events to look forward to in the coming weeks, not least the last of the January sales, the start of a new ethical fashion exhibition and the return of Gok Wan to Cabot Circus...

First up is the clearance sale at Elsie Riley. Run by the lovely Katie and named after her grandmother, Elsie Riley is a picture perfect boutique located just around the corner from St Nicks Market and is always so full of pretty, girlie trinkets. Whenever I walk past it I always picture myself lying on a chaise lounge, dripping in vintage pearls listening to Frank Sinatra. But that's quite enough of my daydreams - get down there and bag yourself a bargain this weekend!

Next up there is some sad news - La Freak Boutique, top, will be closing its doors for the last time at the end of January. The Picton Street boutique is closing down after enjoying years of being Montpelier's premier vintage emporium. Well known for showing at local vintage fairs and the £1 rummage box that entices in its shoppers this colourful shop will be sorely missed. La Freak will be open Thursdays-Saturdays until the end of the month so please visit and make the most of those crammed rails and sale boxes before their doors close for good.

Finally a little Something for The Weekend preview... next Friday Gok Wan will be returning to Bristol as part of his new show, Gok's Roadshow. Basically Gok's Fashion Fix with a twist, the filming of the catwalk face-off between Gok and Brix Smith-Start will be taking place at Cabot Circus on Friday 28th January. If you missed out on Gok's last visit then be sure to head down to the runway for 5pm to watch his high street vs designer show. More details to follow...

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