Friday, 7 January 2011

New Year, New Loot - Part Two

Welcome to New Year, New Loot - Part Two. If Part One was an insight to my fashion-forward mind pre-Christmas, then consider this post to be a look at how my brain works during the January sales.

Every year I read (and write) about how to shop successfully during the sales, what items to look for (the words 'classic' and 'wardrobe staples' spring to mind) and how to avoid the pitfalls and frenzy that only the January sales creates.

Then, every year I go and buy something like the layered vest top, below, simply because it costs a fiver and has a smiley face on it....

That's not to say I won't wear this vest (H&M) a lot - I will and it looks ace with black leggings - just that I get a little over excited at all those big red signs. This was my first purchase of a day out with some friends at Cabot Circus and while we were trying lace dresses and skater skirts I also came across this silk dress, below.

This has a tad more longevity and could work well as a dress or as a smart day-to-evening top when paired with some tailored trousers. The tie-dye pattern isn't something I would normally go for but that is a benefit of sales shopping - a price drop allows one to try out new styles, colours or patterns, without the fear of wasting a lot of money.

Once I'd warmed up a little I found The One, below, the dress that respects the rules of sales shopping and that made my heart skip a beat. It is a flattering, feminine shape, has a unique pattern, a vintage vibe and, crucially, goes with lots of other items I already own. Sadly as with all sale items there was one slight flaw - there was only one size left, and it was slightly smaller than I usually wear.
You can see it in the photo above so I obviously bought it. Does it fit? Well yes actually. Would it fit a little better if I were half a stone lighter? Probably, but at least this way I have a goal to aim for... at least that's what I'm telling myself...

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